How do I play FanDuel?

  • Choose a contest
    Test your expertise against other football fans in the UK. Play for free, or enter real-money contests for even bigger payouts.
  • Build your lineup
    You have £100m to spend, eleven shirts to fill, and the perfect formation to find. Spend wisely!
  • Play, watch, and win
    Outscore your opponents and win cash prizes. And you can sweat the action in real-time with the FanDuel app!

How do I select a contest?

First - decide which contest you want to enter in the lobby. Play for free, play for a few quid, or go all out.

Some contests have prizes for everybody who finishes in the top half of entries - while some only reward the elite few. And you can enter free beginner contests to get comfortable with our different formats.

Contest Types Description
Top Half Wins Just finish in the top half of the contest to win cash. You’re better than average - right?
Guaranteed Contests Contests which are guaranteed to take place - regardless of how many entries are received.
Fill Up Contests Fill Ups run if a minimum number of entries are received.

How do I build my lineup?

Next - build your lineup. Scour the list of players available for selection. You can search by player name and team, or filter by position. You have £100 million to spend on the stars you trust to earn you fantasy points.

Every player’s price changes from week to week, so you can hunt out the hidden gems and splash out on the dead certs. Formations are flexible: one keeper, three to five defenders, three to five midfielders, and one to three attackers.

When you’re happy that you’ve built the lineup to fire you to victory, then it’s time to enter the contest. That little green button at the top right of the page is your gateway to glory.

How do I score points?

Here’s the thing - modern football is about a whole lot more than goals. Every interception, every chance, every kick … it all matters. And football fans know this. So we designed a scoring system using Opta stats to reflect every player’s true on-field contribution.

Player points are accrued during regular time and extra time but not during a penalty shootout.

Check it out.

Action Points
Goal Scored 15
Assist 7
Shot on Target 5
Successful Tackle 2
Chance Created 3
Interception 1.5
Clearance 1
Shot Blocked 2
Foul Drawn 0.5
5 Successful Passes 0.25
Missed Penalty -5
Own Goal -5
Yellow Card -1
Red Card -5
Clean Sheet for GK 10
Saved Penalty for GK 6
Save for GK 3
Goal Conceded for GK -1

How do I find out how my lineup is doing?

Once the contest kicks off, you will be able to sweat your lineup’s performance under the ‘My Entries’ tab. The scores update in real-time. You can experience the moment-by-moment drama with the app or on desktop as the action unfolds on the pitch.

How do I win?

Outscore your opponents and win cash. Different contests have different payout structures, so check the individual contest lobby for details. Prizes are credited to your account immediately, and payouts are fast. It couldn’t be more simple.