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FanDuel partners - why should I join?

There are a host of benefits to becoming a FanDuel UK partner:

  • Regular monthly payments
  • Earn more as you grow, with our multi-tiered commission structure
  • Get paid your way: straight into your bank or PayPal account
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Commission Structure

For every contest entry fee paid by your referrals, you will receive a percentage. It starts at 25%, and can reach up to a phenomenal 35% of player revenue!

Commission Net Revenue
25% £0-2000
30% £2001-5000
35% £5001+
* Commission tiers are based on each month’s results
Being an FanDuel partner
Earnings and Getting Paid
Marketing and Promotion

Being a FanDuel Partner

What is the FanDuel Partner program?

A FanDuel Partner is a person or company that promotes our contests to your audience. We provide marketing materials such as banners, tracking links, and videos, and we create exclusive offers for you to promote. As a FanDuel Partner, you will receive a revenue share from your player referrals. Every time a player signs up for FanDuel via your links, you share the revenue when they enter real-money contests.

Does being a FanDuel Partner cost me anything?

No. Applying and participating in our Partner program is completely free.

Earnings and Getting Paid

How much will I earn?

That’s up to you. FanDuel Partner commissions and the revenue-share system are tiered, based on how much revenue your referrals produce. The more you promote FanDuel to your audience, the more referrals you will produce. The more referrals who start playing, the more money you will earn. It’s that simple.

How do I get paid?

Payments are made straight to your bank or PayPal account. You can select a preferred payment method when you apply, and you can change or update it from your FanDuel Partner account at any time.

When do I get paid?

Payments are made monthly, for commission earned the previous month.

How do I keep track of my referrals and earnings?

There are a number of reports available to help you track impressions, clicks, registrations, and deposits. You can also use multiple tracking IDs to track performance and help optimise campaigns.

Marketing and Promotion

Can I have a promo code?

Yes - simply request one from our team ( Your code will be personalised, and chosen by your account manager - there are no generic codes here! Please note: we do not permit our affiliates to post promo codes on coupon sites. Doing so will result in the immediate suspension of your account.

Can I offer incentives for user signups?

Sorry - it’s a no. We are only looking to acquire players who sign up because they want to enter FanDuel contests. So using incentives to gather referrals is not allowed, and FanDuel will not pay commission on any incentivised players. Please contact our team if you want to discuss this policy -


My login doesn’t work

First, please make sure you’re logging into and not Then, make sure you’re using the username you signed up with, and not the email. If that doesn’t work, there’s an option to reset your password. If the issue persists, please contact